Change The Perspective And Accept Yourself The Way You Are

The main reason to be discontented with one’s’ body is the false perspective. If we try to see ourselves through others’ eyes and those others should be our soul mates, our beloved friends and those people who love us then we will be much complacent with one’s very own body.

We should not only focus on our body’s flaws, but we should also focus on the strengths and powers of our body. The things which our body has given us and those strengths which matter very much to others should be a point of focus for all of us.

  • Our flabby upper arms could make us anxious, but it may give our loved ones a warm hug which would be impossible without its presence so value it instead of hating it.
  • Our hanging post-partum belly may be a cause of shame for us but remember! It is the result of a miraculous birth and a start of new life.
  • Stretch marks may look shabby to us, but they could be perceived as your child’s gift to you while he/she was inside you.
  • Our jiggling thighs may be wicked for us, but they are strong enough to come this long way through your life and have done so many marvelous, amazing things for you.

These all are the changed perspective examples.

We are not happy with our body because we only focus on one side of the coin and just ignoring badly the other positive, brighter side which should also be considered.

Another way to be happy with your body is to look yourself through others eyes, from others perspective.

What your best friend and beloved likes best about you and why they love you?

The answer to these questions could make you feel better and love your body, and it could also be a reason of contentment with your body.

Our best friends and loved ones do love our bodies, praise them because they do not compare it with others. They find all time beauty in it, and it is a source of pleasure for them.

They just value how your body serve and perform the many essential daily functions it has to perform no matter what happens.

Those beloved ones of yours’ do not have a scale in mind on which your weight number is shown but they think past of it as it does not matter to them.

They are grateful for your presence, for your daily house chores which you do for them and this gratefulness is far beyond just the concern for your body.  They also don’t listen to negative thoughts about your body looks but replace them with positive healthy and praising thoughts for you thus changing their own perspective and ultimately changing yours’ perspective.

This should be the general approach for us to change our vision and to look at our bodies from a different aspect. We should recompense our bodies as our besties and soul mates do. We should have gratitude and should honor our body as it is.